Avira Password Manager

Remember only one master password. It does the rest.

  • Automatically logs you in to your online accounts
  • Generates strong, unique passwords and securely stores them
  • Checks for weak or reused passwords Pro
  • Notifies you if an online account has been hacked Pro
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See it in action

Watch our short video to see how Password Manager can bring greater security and convenience to your life.

Automatically create highly secure passwords

Too many accounts, too few passwords? Today’s passwords are hard enough to create, let alone remember. Minimum 8 characters. Numbers. Symbols... Password Manager generates and remembers unique, strong passwords for you.

Never forget a password again

Fed up of clicking “Forgot your password”? Avira Password Manager saves your passwords and unlike browsers, it encrypts them before securely storing them in the cloud. You can access all your accounts with just one master password and manage them from your online dashboard.

Automatically log in to your accounts

Say goodbye to tedious typing. Password Manager can be set to auto-fill your passwords and details on all your accounts (like in your browser). Online shopping has never been faster—or your Facebook profile so secure. There’s even an effortless auto-fill feature for iPhone and Android* that logs you in to your apps and favorite websites.

*Available for iOS12, and Android 8 (Oreo) and 9 (Pie). 

Sync passwords across all your devices

PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, or tablet…enjoy the freedom to access your passwords from any device: Avira Password Manager is available as an online dashboard or smartphone app. The dashboard works in conjunction with the Avira browser extension you use to save your passwords automatically.

Is one Master Password really safe enough?

Much like online banking, Avira offers extra safeguards to prevent your Master Password from being compromised. 

Touch & Face ID:

Access your passwords on your phone with just your thumb or via your phone’s face recognition software.

2-factor authentication:

To log in, you can receive a security code on your phone (optional). Just enter it along with your master password.

Bank-grade encryption:

All your passwords are securely encrypted and inaccessible, even to hackers.

Restricted access:

Only you can see and access your passwords. Even Avira does not know what they are.

Data privacy:

Avira is a security expert and abides by strict privacy policies. Your data is safe with us and won’t be shared with or sold to 3rd parties.

Keep more than your password secret

Password Manager lets you create encrypted notes and tags

  • Keep other sensitive information secure
  • Encrypt password hints
  • Access notes from all your devices
  • Add tags to passwords to better find them (e.g. Shopping)

Includes mobile authenticator

Using two-factor authentication on Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox, etc.? If so, use Password Manager to securely generate codes to protect your online accounts from unauthorized access, even if your password was breached.

Avira Password Manager Pro

Alerts you to security and privacy risks to your accounts

Unlock pro
Yearly Subscription
  • Account check

    Has an online account been hacked? A notification will appear in your security status if your data has been stolen after a breach.

  • Website check

    Some of the websites you’re registered for may be unsafe! The security status checks whether the website is known as unsafe.

  • Password check

    The security status analyzes your existing passwords and notifies you of weak or duplicate ones.

How to get started with Avira Password Manager?

  1. Access the online dashboard

    Visit https://passwords.avira.com and then log in with your Avira account or create a new one

  2. Set your Master Password

    Then start adding new passwords and accounts or import existing ones into your online dashboard.

  3. Download the extensions & apps

    Add extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera from the dashboard. You can also download the apps from Google Play and the AppStore.

Myth 1: Your browser is just as good

Just clicking “Save my password” when logging in can cause you big problems later. Here’s why:

  • Browser security is lousy: Passwords stored in your browser are unencrypted and vulnerable to hacking.
  • Device wiped? So are your passwords: Clear your cache or factory reset and you’ll have to reset those passwords all over again.

Myth 2: 5-6 different passwords is good enough

This approach can lead to some serious vulnerabilities, which are easily remedied with our free solution:

  • It’s unsecure: If one password is cracked, all the others are vulnerable.
  • It’s hard to remember: On average, users have 26 online accounts. That’s a lot of variants to keep track of.
  • It causes frequent password resets. With Password Manager, you just use one password.

Myth 3: Paper or password-protected documents are good alternatives?

This doesn’t necessarily give you security. And certainly lacks convenience.

  • They’re not encrypted: If anyone were to take a sneak peak at your paper, you’d be in trouble.
  • You have to take them with you: if you need access on the move, it can be highly impractical.
  • They might get “tidied up”: Lose your password backup and you would need to reset all your passwords.

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What’s inside?

See the full list of Password Manager’s offerings and compare the powerful new Pro features.

Master Password access

Remember only one password.

Password Sync

Import, export, back up, and sync all your passwords.


Attach notes & comments to online accounts.


Get your passwords filled in for you.

Online dashboard

See all your password-protected accounts online.

Unlimited devices

Run Password Manager on all your devices.

Secure Password Generator

Create strong and unique passwords for all your accounts.

256-bit encryption

Protect all your passwords with bank-grade security.

Two-factor authentication

Get a PIN code sent to your phone when accessing the dashboard (optional).

Account check

See any online account that may have been compromised in a security breach.

Website check

Some of the websites you’re registered for may be unsafe! The security status checks whether the website is known as unsafe.

Password check

Analyze your passwords and highlight weak, guessable, or duplicate ones.

Customer support

Unlimited access via toll-free number and email.

System Requirements

Your device is compatible
  • Firefox: 48 and later
  • Chrome: 32 and later
  • Opera: 19 and later
  • iOS 8.0 and later
  • Android 4.4 and later


Our Password Manager remembers all your passwords so you don’t have to. They’re stored securely in a digital vault and synced across all your devices. Rest assured that no-one apart from you (not even Avira) has access to your passwords. It’s vital to remember your Master Password as it can’t be restored! 

We’re award-winning security specialists with a proud 30-year history. Over 100 million satisfied customers worldwide trust Avira to keep their digital lives and data safer. Our software is German engineered and your data is stored in Germany – in accordance with all EU legislation of course. 

Avira Password Manager is currently free. A premium version is scheduled to be launched from the third quarter of 2018. All basic functions will naturally be preserved in the free version. 

Your data is encrypted with your Master Password and can only be unencrypted using this single password. Please note that Avira does not know your Master Password and therefore has no access to your data. Be sure to remember your Master Password! To guarantee your safety, our Password Manager uses top-secret level encryption (AES-256). 

Password Manager can be used on all conventional platforms. There is also a smartphone app for iOS and Android as well as a browser extension for desktops. The browser extension offers great additional functionality – use it to autofill your login data and create new, secure passwords automatically. The extension is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. 

There are a number of options: Register via the online dashboard at https://passwords.avira.com, add our browser extension, or download the Password Manager app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. Use the online dashboard to easily create, add, change, and import new passwords. To access all product features, we recommend using the online dashboard in conjunction with the browser extension for autofill functionality. The smartphone app is ideal for easy access to your data on the move. 

Whether you want to use the online dashboard, browser extension, and/or app, you’ll need an Avira account to use Password Manager. Register for free to get started. You’ll then be prompted to create a Master Password. It’s extremely important that you never forget your Master Password as access to your account can’t be restored without incurring loss of data. After registering, you can save all your passwords. If you’re only using the online dashboard, you’ll need to manually type in every password or import them from the password management system you’ve previously been using. Using the browser extension as well makes life simpler. It automatically saves your passwords when you surf online and any login details you’ve already stored on a website are automatically entered for you. You’ll save yourself the time and hassle of remembering and entering passwords. 

Your data is stored locally on your device. It is also backed up to our server cloud automatically unless you choose to turn off the default Backup & Synchronization setting. Storing data in our cloud has two key benefits: Data is always accessible from multiple devices and is regularly backed up to keep it safe. All data in our cloud is encrypted and only accessible via your Master Password. Please note that Avira has no access to your data! We therefore recommend keeping the Backup & Synchronization setting switched on for maximum security and ease of use. 

Most password managers allow you to export decrypted data in a CSV format. This can then be imported into Avira Password Manager. Please see “Settings > Import data”. We recommend deleting or storing all unencrypted data securely after it’s been successfully imported. 
Some browsers let you export saved passwords. For example: In Google Chrome (Version 66) use the export tool to export passwords from Google Chrome and then import them into Avira Password Manager. Follow these steps: 

  • See the browser settings by typing the following into the browser address bar: chrome://settings/
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the settings page and click “Advanced” to access additional settings
  • Find the “Passwords and forms” section and click “Manage passwords”
  • Find the headline “Saved passwords”
  • Located on the right-hand side of the same line is a button with three points: “Further actions”. Click this button
  • Choose “Export” to start exporting your passwords as a CSV file
  • Once all your data has been successfully exported, use the import feature in Avira Password Manager to import the CSV file that contains your Google Chrome passwords
  • Check that all passwords have been accurately imported
  • We recommend deactivating the password management option in your browser and deleting all stored passwords

Lost a device? To prevent your passwords from falling into the wrong hands, we recommend activating the Auto-Lock function. This locks all your passwords and notes after a set period of time, which will then only be accessible with your master password. And with our online dashboard, you can disconnect the lost or stolen device, preventing anyone from accessing your Avira Password Manager. 

Your master password is used to encrypt your data. For the best protection, choose a strong password. Your password is tested for strength when you create it and you’ll receive useful tips and help. When creating your Master Password, we recommend: 

  • Choosing a password that is both long and memorable
  • Never using a password that you are already using elsewhere
  • Avoiding all data that can be associated with you. For example: Your name, DOB, names of family members and pets, car registrations, etc.

For security reasons, Avira does not have access to your master password. If you forget your master password, please contact customer support to restore your account. You can continue to use the email address associated with your account, but all other data will be lost during the restoration process. 

Make password resets a thing of the past